Feel the beauty of tea, in the owner of the manor

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Gǔzhèn yóuwán piān

The beauty of Chashan is the beauty of nature, such as the elegantness of calligraphy. It is a modest gentleman, a gentle and graceful jade. It is the solitude of the sky, the white dew is the silence of the frost.

The beauty of the tea garden is the beauty of ecology. It is surrounded by fragrant rice, Wanqingqing, Pingtian, and Cuiyu Danxia. It is a simple and light makeup on the sandalwood table of the furnace.

The beauty of the tea factory is the beauty of history. It is a stroll on the gravel road in the early morning. It is a crimson sky after watching the gate after dusk. It is an inspirational story of the tea-horse exchange in the mottled statue.-澳门太阳集团城网址

The beauty of the tea people is the beauty of the ingenuity, indulge in the taste of the talented hand, and linger in the tea fragrance carved in the years.

The spring breeze is not as good as the tea mountain. From March 25th to 29th, 2019, Pu'er Tea King's spring tea mountain tour activities arrived as scheduled. In order to run this event, Pu'er Tea King's partners made meticulous preparations, only to give more than 100 people from all corners of the country. The manor master has a better experience.

Compared with the previous tea mountain tour activities, we joined the experience of the ancient tea garden in Bohai, and invited the owners to participate in our annual annual shareholders meeting, giving the owner a fresh sense in the design of the event content, in the meeting process. Designed to give the owner a sense of dignity. The owner of the estate is not only the winner of the output of the tea garden, but also the shareholder of the company's development results.

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